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Who are we?


Irish Network Houston, or IN-Houston, is the Houston chapter of Irish Network USA, a national network of Irish, Irish-Americans, and friends of Ireland with a shared goal of furthering ties between the United States and Ireland, North and South.


IN-Houston is non-governmental, apolitical and non-denominational, and is administered by a pro-bono  Committee group on behalf of Members in accordance with our Charter.

What do we do?


IN-Houston hosts a wide variety of social networking events, educational talks and cultural events over the calendar year, engaging the worlds of business, the arts, politics, sports and entertainment, and we regularly partner on events with other Houston-based groups whose goals and activities complement our mission.

About the event

Building the Ireland-Texas Relationship

The bonds that we look to create in this organization provide our members with valuable contacts, friendships and opportunities both sides of the Atlantic. As we continue to grow our network, we continue to build the visibility of the Texan economy to Irish citizens and vice-versa. We are very proud of how involved and engaged our members are here in Houston, and we encourage any Texans to reach out or join us for one of our events to learn more about our plans. 

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